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August 29, 2011

Independent Women’s Forum – A Pivot to Jobs? Start By Approving The Keystone Pipeline – Carrie L. Lukas

Independent Women’s Forum – A Pivot to Jobs? Start By Approving The Keystone Pipeline.

President Obama cut his vacation short because of Hurricane Irene, but we still aren’t expected his much awaited “jobs plan” until September. Will the President go back to the Keynesian trough and offer another enormous government spending package? How can he do this and still feign concern about our out-of-control national debt?

I imagine that the White House p.r. team is as big a part of the decision-making process on this one as his policy gurus. The White House seems to have no idea what might actually help the economy-or at least be unwilling to contemplate the kind of scaling back of big government and deregulation that would be most likely to provide real relief to the private sector-so that this plan is primarily posturing for the next election, rather than a true policy proposal.

August 24, 2011

Political Notes: Bartlett Supports Alternative Fuel Research -The Frederick News-Post Online – Bethany Rodgers

The Frederick News-Post Online – Frederick County Maryland Daily Newspaper.

The U.S. congressman who represents the district including Frederick County recently released a statement encouraging support of a bill to increase production of cars that run on non-petroleum fuels.

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, R-6th, also criticized a U.S. Department of Energy report about federal subsidies of energy sources, saying it should have centered more on transportation than electricity. While the country has many ways of generating electricity, oil prices are pinching the wallets of many Americans, he said.

August 17, 2011

OPEC Under New Management; Iran’s Management – Gal Luft

OPEC Under New Management; Iran’s Management. The recent appointment of Islamic Revolutionary Guards veteran Rostam Ghasemi as Iran’s new petroleum minister is not only the Islamic Republic’s latest poke in America’s eye but it is also harbinger of things to come with respect to Iran’s petro-politics.

Ghasemi, a notorious hardliner and the head of the economic wing of the Guards, is personally sanctioned by both the EU and the US. In his new position he will be able to do exactly what his patron Mahmoud Ahmadinejad explained in his nomination support speech before the Majlis: “transform this complex [oil industry] in line with national interests.”

August 11, 2011

Oil, natural gas extraction is clean, says Gov | Colorado Statesman – Peter Marcus

Oil, natural gas extraction is clean, says Gov | Colorado Statesman. Gov. John Hickenlooper called negative reports concerning dangers associated with hydraulic fracturing “hyperbole,” arguing that there is no scientific fact to indicate that the oil and natural gas extraction process contaminates groundwater in Colorado.

The Democratic governor made his comments Aug. 2 during a keynote address at the Colorado Oil and Gas Association’s annual Energy Epicenter Conference held at the Colorado Convention Center. Hickenlooper himself is an alum of the industry, having worked as a geologist in the 1980s before he ventured into the beer crafting brewing business and later politics. The governor said he would like to see new rules in Colorado that would require the oil and gas industry to disclose ingredients used in the hydraulic fracturing process. But Hickenlooper is not encouraging the disclosure because he thinks the so-called fracking process is dangerous — he believes the public will back off their concerns when they see that the ingredients used in the process, and the process itself, is nothing to worry about in terms of contaminating groundwater.