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September 15, 2011

Achieving $2 Gas – Robert Zubrin – National Review Online

Either we break the cartel, or the cartel breaks us. The Open Fuel Standard bill needs to be passed.

via Achieving $2 Gas – Robert Zubrin – National Review Online.

Republican presidential contender Michele Bachman has said that if she is elected, gas prices will fall to $2 per gallon. Such promises have understandably been greeted with considerable skepticism. But $2 gas is exactly what America needs. The question is, how can we get it?

We can’t do it just by expanded domestic drilling. In order for gasoline prices to fall to $2 per gallon, oil prices must be cut to $50 per barrel. And oil prices are set globally, with the dominating influence being the OPEC oil cartel. Since 1973, this cartel, which controls 80 percent of the earth’s commercially viable oil reserves, has refused to expand production, thus keeping petroleum prices artificially high. While, with a more pro-business government, the United States might conceivably be able to expand its production by a million or two barrels per day, OPEC could easily counter by cutting its production to match, or more likely, by simply continuing its non-expansion policy and letting increased Chinese demand take care of the slack.

August 15, 2011

US and Brazil to launch strategic dialogue in energy – MSN News

US and Brazil to launch strategic dialogue in energy –  . Washington, Aug 13 (PTI) As part of their effort to reduce dependence on conventional sources of energy and explore alternative forms, US and Brazil have announced to launch a Strategic Dialogue in Energy.

The Deputy Energy Secretary Daniel Poneman will lead an inter-agency delegation to Brazil on August 17, for launch of the US-Brazil Strategic Energy Dialogue, the White House has said.

The announcement in this regard was made in March by US President Barack Obama and his Brazilian counterpart Dilma Rousseff.