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March 7, 2012

ZUBRIN: Keystone XL rejection weakens America and strengthens her enemies – Washington Times

ZUBRIN: Keystone XL rejection weakens America and strengthens her enemies – Washington Times.

The United States is by far the world’s leading oil importer. Thus, it follows that when the price of oil goes up, our economy is severely taxed and, therefore, it goes down. Indeed, every oil price increase for the past four decades, including those in 1973, 1979, 1991, 2001 and 2008, has been followed shortly afterward by a sharp rise in American unemployment.

It is in this light that the extreme malfeasance of the Obama administration in preventing the implementation of the Keystone XL pipeline becomes apparent. While much has been made of the loss of 20,000 jobs building the pipeline, that is the smallest part of the matter. The real issue is that by forbidding the pipeline, the Obama administration is acting to block the introduction of 270 million barrels per year of Canadian oil into the world market. At current prices above $100 per barrel, this will cause a loss to the North American economy of $27 billion per year, sufficient to create 270,000 North American jobs – at $100,000 per year each. (Canada draws 65 percent of its imports, which amount to 31 percent of its gross domestic product, from the United States. The two nations thus share one economy.)

March 7, 2012

Iran’s Unacceptable Enrichment – Robert Zubrin – National Review Online

Iran’s Unacceptable Enrichment – Robert Zubrin – National Review Online.

There has been much public discussion recently about the Iranian nuclear program, particularly the question of when it might be determined that it had crossed a “red line” defining it conclusively as a nuclear-weapons, rather than a power-reactor, program. An analysis of Iran’s actual production suggests that the line has already been crossed.

Some of the discussion has been quite absurd. For example, page 1 of the February 25 New York Times features a story entitled “U.S. Agencies See No Move by Iran to Build a Bomb.” Meanwhile, on page 8 of the very same edition, David Sanger and William Broad report that International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors have determined that Iran is now producing large quantities of 20-percent–enriched uranium-235 in a facility located under 250 feet of granite protection. Since commercial reactors require only 3-percent–enriched uranium-235, a factory producing 20-percent–enriched fissile material is clearly part of a nuclear-weapons program.

November 14, 2011

Next Year, OPEC May Loosen Its Straightjacket – The Source – WSJ

Next Year, OPEC May Loosen Its Straightjacket – The Source – WSJ.

For a significant shift in OPEC policies, watch out for June 2012.

No major change is expected when the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries meets next month. But mid next-year, the group may finally decide to upgrade its quotas system—the allocation that formally restricts production levels for all its members bar Iraq.

Back in 2008, the group decided to reduce its collective output ceiling by 4.2 million barrels a day as oil demand and prices collapsed amid an acute global recession.

August 23, 2011

Biodiesel Magazine | – Peter Brown

Biodiesel Magazine |

The argument that the world is facing a food shortage, and that biofuels are contributing to that shortage, is bogus. There is enough food in the world to give every man, woman and child 4.3 pounds of food a day.

A study undertaken by the Stockholm International Water Institute highlights the absolutely staggering amounts of food that are wasted every day. In the U.S. alone, it is estimated that 30 to 40 percent of our food crops never reach the table.

August 2, 2011

The Flexible Fuel Answer to OPEC | Hoover Institution – R. James Woolsey and Anne Korin

The Flexible Fuel Answer to OPEC | Hoover Institution. Last week, President Barack Obama delivered a highly anticipated speech on our country’s energy future. His implicit message? “No, we can’t.”

For starters, the president wrongly defined our oil problem. Like every president who has addressed the issue since Richard Nixon, Mr. Obama focused on the source and level of our oil imports. But these are not the keys to overcoming the security and economic vulnerabilities that oil causes.

August 2, 2011

A New National Energy Policy – Sean Parnell – National Review Online

A New National Energy Policy – Sean Parnell – National Review Online For far too long, the United States has lacked a national energy policy that fosters domestic oil and gas production. With rapidly escalating fuel prices, the time for leadership is now, and Americans rightly demand that decisive action be taken. Americans pay an average of $3.98 per gallon for gas, and further price hikes could reach or exceed July 2008’s all-time high of $4.11, given the continuing political unrest in the oil-producing regions of the Middle East and North Africa.

August 1, 2011

Energy Victory by bestselling author Robert Zubrin

Energy Victory by bestselling author Robert Zubrin.