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September 6, 2011

Biodiesel Magazine | The Army is (Still) Going Green – Bryan Sims

Biodiesel Magazine |

Facetiously, Matt Roberts envisions the day when the U.S. Army might change its current slogan from “An Army of One” to “Be All That You Can Be, And Be Green Doing It.” Roberts, vice president of marketing for Springboard Biodiesel LLC, has reason to boast since his California-based firm sold a 50-gallon BioPro 190 biodiesel processing unit to the Florida Army National Guard’s Camp Blanding Joint Training Center near Starke, Fla., in January 2010.

“The military is just a huge target market for us and we would love to have a BioPro on every military base on the globe,” Roberts tells Biodiesel Magazine. Springboard Biodiesel is responsible for more than 6 million gallons of annual installed capacity spread across 14 countries, Roberts says.

August 31, 2011

Ethanol: U.S.-produced fuel is leading oil alternative – – Stephanie Dreyer

Ethanol: U.S.-produced fuel is leading oil alternative –

Karen Hosler’s recent opinion piece calling for an end to ethanol subsidies (“End the ethanol charade,” Aug. 30) uses sweeping generalizations that distort the truth about grain ethanol’s role in fostering America’s energy independence and producing food as well as fuel.

Domestic ethanol is the single-best alternative to foreign oil we have today. In 2010, ethanol reduced imports by 445 million barrels of oil — more oil than we import from Saudi Arabia. And America’s ethanol industry helped reduce farm subsidy payments by $10.1 billion, added $53.6 billion to the economy and reduced gas prices by $34.5 billion.

August 25, 2011

U.N. Secretary-General: Renewables Can End Energy Poverty | Renewable Energy News Article

U.N. Secretary-General: Renewables Can End Energy Poverty | Renewable Energy News Article.

New Hampshire, USA — United Nation’s Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon made renewable energy and its ability to lift the poorest nations to new levels of prosperity a central theme during his visit to Colorado on Wednesday.

With the Rockies as his backdrop, Ban toured the National Renewable Energy Laborary in Golden, where he inspected the flexible thin-film modules produced by Colorado-based Ascent Solar. The facility, he said, represents innovative approaches that for relatively little cost can connect remote areas to the global network of information and ideas.