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August 30, 2011

Global Warming Fraud: Sinking Polar Bears on Melting Ice a Hoax? – International Business Times

Global Warming Fraud: Sinking Polar Bears on Melting Ice a Hoax? – International Business Times.

(NaturalNews) Images of periled polar bears sinking into arctic seas because of melting polar ice caps have become an iconic symbol of the devastating consequences of so-called global warming. But a new government investigation into the supposed science surrounding this now-infamous urban legend has revealed that it was likely nothing more than a pseudoscientific hoax propagated by faulty math and perfunctory observations.

According to a recent report by Human Events, special investigators from the US government’s Interior Department (ID) have found that a scientific paper published in a 2006 issue of the journal Polar Biology is filled with baseless assumptions about four specific polar bear deaths — and this eventually became the foundational argument for the fight against global warming. But in reality, the deaths may have had nothing to do with melting ice caps, and everything to do with a simple windstorm.

August 29, 2011

Poll: Americans Favor Energy Over Environment – James Heiser

Poll: Americans Favor Energy Over Environment.

Despite years of climate change hype promoted by the media and environmental extremists, a new Gallup poll provides further evidence that the percentage of Americans who do not believe in manmade global warming continues to rise. Furthermore, the public recognizes that implementing the environmentalist agenda is deleterious to the economy, and are unwilling to see further damage inflicted on the U.S. economy to implement programs of dubious merit.

As Lydia Saad wrote for “Americans, by 50% to 41%, say the nation should prioritize the development of energy supplies over protecting the environment when the two goals are at odds. This reflects the continuation of a striking reversal of attitudes compared with those seen from 2001 through 2008, when Americans showed a clear preference for environmental protection.”