The End Of OPEC’s Influence – Diesel Power Magazine

The End Of OPEC’s Influence – Diesel Power Magazine.

Interview with a Rocket Scientist
This is the second time I’ve interviewed a real rocket scientist who was convinced our short- and long-term energy problems could be solved by internal combustion engines and renewable fuels. Eddie Sturman was the first. Mr. Zubrin outlined the main points of his book during the conversation.

Disaster Waiting to Happen
Zubrin said the United States’ foreign policy is largely driven by a thirst for oil in countries considered unfriendly to American interests. “In the early ’70s, we imported less than a third of our oil, and the total cost was less than 5 percent of our defense budget. Today, we are 60 percent dependent on imported oil and spend more on imported oil than we spend on national defense.” Energy Victory argues whoever controls the fuel supply controls the future. Since the Middle East and North Africa have the largest share of oil reserves, that’s where the transfer of power will take place.

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